Alisha Begum

Alisha Begum, 6, UK.

Six year old Alisha Begum suffered 95 per cent burns in an arson attack on her home.

In September 2006 a Birmingham Crown Court heard the attack was planned by Hussain Ahmed, a 26-year-old dentist, and friend Daryll Tuzzio, 18, after Ahmed found out his 15-year-old sister was seeing Alisha’s brother, Abdul Hamid.

Adrian Redgrave, prosecuting, said: “One hears of so-called honour killings though one may wonder how by any stretch of the imagination there can be any honour in what happened here, resulting in the death of a six-year-old child.

The jury heard that Abdul Hamid started a relationship with the teenager, Meherun Khanum, towards the end of 2005.

Her family were furious when they found out and 24 hours before the fire, Mr Hamid received a threatening telephone call warning him away from his sister  He was convicted in October 2006 of the manslaughter of the 6 year old.

Tuzzio was cleared of murder but was convicted of arson with intent to endanger life.

Alisha’s family members fled the house when the fire took hold, with some jumping from upstairs windows to save themselves. When they realised Alisha was still in her bedroom, it was impossible for the family to return to the burning building, and she died from severe burns and smoke inhalation.

Alisha is the youngest known victim of ‘honour’ in the United Kingdom.


Your soft fingers grace the purple flowers

In the fields of lavender through which you run free,

Earth gets wisps of the scent, sometimes.

The beautiful red butterfly kisses your laughing cheek,

And cross our path, sometimes.

The water from the purest rivers flow over your little feet,

And comes down as much needed rain, sometimes,

The beautiful words you say dances through the wind,

And whispers in our ears, sometimes.

You are where love is my dear

In the wind that blows,

And the light where the heart resides,

Nestled in-between the cusps of two petals.

We hear you,

In the laughter of our daughters,

In the dreams of our sisters,

In the love of our mothers.

We feel you,

In the wisps of lavender breeze,

In the flutter of red butterflies,

In the whispers of raindrops.

You are all things innocent, dear beloved.





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  1. Pam says:

    What kind of monsters would burn a house full of people?

  2. neha sharma says:

    i hv nooo words 2 say…..:(

  3. MoblieTechy says:

    those men are sick!

  4. TIQ says:

    All these family are sick! RIP dear child *tears*

  5. qasim says:

    RIP Alisha. I wont forget you

  6. Qasim says:

    I remeber her from school. R.I.P Alisha

  7. AMZI says:

    awww, i remember Alisha in year two,i was in her class, she was soo sweet, R.I.P,

  8. Bobby P says:

    Lets us remember them. The world should know that honour killings will not only make them martyrs, also their cause will be taken up by many.. LIVE FOREVER 🙂

  9. boy says:

    she was in my class in year 2 so sad

  10. Annie says:

    Rest inpeace little girl.

    There is no honor in killing. This is just abuse of religion to get power and control. No respect.

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