Amina, Zunera, Humaira and Sumera


Amina, Zunera, Humaira and Sumera, drugged and throats slit, August 2010

A man has confessed to slaughtering his three daughters and wife after the latter contracted the marriage of their oldest daughter against his will.

According to the police, Pindi Machiyaan resident Shaukat Ali killed his family in their sleep. Shaukat drugged his family at dinner and when Zunera (5), Humaira (7), Sumera (10) and his wife Amina fell unconcious he took a sharp knife and slit their throats. Shaukat then dragged the bodies into the street and left them outside his house as he composed a note for the police that he left on his house door.
Police officials said that they found a notice on the door that stated “I am ashamed of my wife who was stubborn and arrogant.
My daughters could have turned out like her. I have killed them so that I would not have to suffer the humiliation of their dishonourable actions. I am a man of honour and I will turn myself over to the police for their murder.”
Muridke station house officer (SHO) Nemat Gujjar said that Shaukat had confessed to the crime. “We were called in by locals who said they saw a stream of blood flowing into the road from his house,” he said.

“I saw a stream of blood flowing into the road. When I followed it to the corner of the street, I saw four bodies piled on top of each other,” said Pindi Maachiyaan resident Ataa Khan. “I called the police immediately as other people began to gather around the house and we saw the notice,” he said, adding that Shaukat’s house was empty. “He must have left with his son. His other two sons are older and are no longer living with him. They work at a factory in a neighbouring city ,” a neighbour Sohail said.

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