Amol Javde & Nikita Kale

Amol Javde

Name of the Couple    : Amol Javde and Nikita Kale


Profile of the victim          : Amol Javde 22, was a second-year commerce student at Ambedkar College, Matunga in trombay. He was was in a relationship with Nikita Kale (17), resident of Suman Nagar area of Chembur, where Amol’s uncle used to stay. They both belonged to different castes.
Murdered person              : Amol Javde


The accused                       : girl’s family members
Place of Murder                : Anushakti Nagar in Trombay.


Date of Murder                 : 28 July 2010.


Assassination : Gautam Javde, Amol’s father, a BEST driver by occupation, said, “The girl stays in Suman Nagar area of Chembur, where my brother used to stay. My son used to visit his place often and that is when they started meeting one another and eventually fell in love. However, the girl’s family was opposed to the relationship because we are Buddhist Dalits and they belong to the Cobbler community.”
Gautam also added that his son and the girl were very much in love and had fled from their homes in December 2009. However, the girl’s family filed a kidnapping complaint against Amol at the Chembur police station. Later, he was let off on bail. “My son also faced threats from the girl’s uncle.


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