Arzu Özmen

Arzu Özmen

Detmold, Germany,1. November 2011:
Arzu Özmen is kidnapped from her boyfriend’s house by her four brothers and her sister. Few days later her body is found, she has been shot to death.A couple of weeks ago, the 18-year-old Arzu flew to a women’s shelter. Her family did not agreed to her relationship to a German, whom she met in the bakery, in which they worked together.

Her family, who belonged to the Yezide religion, came from a small kurdish village in the south of Turkey. Her parents, grandparents and her ten brothers and sisters lived for 25 years in Germany. They decided to bury Arzu’s body in Turkey.





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  1. Leena says:

    Arzu is a hero! She was a courageous girl, standing by her inner truth, and against sad and primitive brutal traditions. It’s mostly the good who have to go early in this world so full of dumbness and brutality, thickness and callousness, and low reptile-brain emotions.

    Alas, it seems like so many hunans are only subhumans. This story is one of so many stories indicating that we, as a species, won’t make it.

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