Asmaa Mahmoud

Asmaa Mahmoud


Asmaa Mahmoud, beaten to death, 2009.

Khaled Mahmoud, 21, admits beating his sister to death last year in the West Bank. “She has made very wrong decisions,” he said.

“I started drinking then I got crazy. When I saw her I beat her. I smashed her head to the wall.”

His sister Asmaa – not her real name – was 23, a university student, and engaged to be married to another Muslim.  As brother and sister they were close, yet Mahmoud says she made the unforgivable mistake of sleeping with another man, a Christian, and brought enormous shame on the family.  “I was telling her that she should stay away from him and she shouldn’t talk to him because he was playing,” Mahmoud said.

“He wasn’t serious with her and he is bragging about what he was doing. I was so ashamed with my sister.”

Mahmoud says it is hard to describe how he felt after killing his sister.  “I don’t say that I wish I hadn’t killed her, but I say I wish she hadn’t done that,” he said.  “I am really sorry for what happened, but I think even if I’m in the same situation now after this experience and she does the same thing, I would kill her again.”  Mahmoud says he found a note belonging to his sister with several phone numbers and rang one to find it was a clinic that restores a woman’s virginity through surgery.  He says that was the final straw.  “She was violating rules of the society. Why has she done that?

“She didn’t have the right to do that. She shamed our family.”

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