Atul Kumar

Name of the Victim   : Atul Kumar.


Profile of the victim          : Atul Kumar 21, was the resident of Bijnor district in UP. He belonged to a dalit family.

Murdered person              : Atul Kumar


The accused                       : The girl’s father Madan, two brothers and an uncle
Place of Murder                : Dehlalawala village Bijnor district in UP


Date of Murder                 : 17th Feb 2011


Assassination : Atul was in love with Madan;s daughter who belons to an upper caste family while he came from a dalit family which was not acceptable to Madan and his sons.

‘Preliminary investigations indicate Madan and his family members abducted Atul Kumar Wednesday when he had gone out of his home and killed him. Atul’s body was dumped on the outskirts of the village,’


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