Name of the victim    : Banty

Profile of the victims        : Banty  20, was a resident of Anand parbat, central delhi.

Murdered person             : Bunty

The accused                       : Her girlfriend’s minor brother, his two friends Arun-22, and the other one is also a minor.

Place of Murder                : Anand parbat central delhi.

Date of Murder                 : 16 march 2010.

Assassination                      : According to the Deputy commissioner of police central delhi Jaspal singh Bunty was in love with a girl of another caste of the same locality which was unacceptable to their family so the brother of his girl friend, who was a minor, made a plan to kill Bunty. He called bunty on the nearby railway track and slit his throat with the help of his two friend’s and thereafter dropped his body in a water tank in Nehru nagar.

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