Birat Vidya

Birat Vidya and Nupur Bauri

Profile of the victim         : Birat vidya 16, and Nupur were the classmates and the student of 11th standard in Bokaro public school. They were in love since a long time

Murdered person              : Birat vidya

The accused                       : Nupur’s brothers Pintu Kumar, Hari Bauri, Rajesh Kumar and Jacky Kumar

Place of Murder               : Sector IV, Bokaro Steel city


Date of Murder                 : 16th July 2010


Assassination : Nupur told the police that she called Birat to her house at Sector IV on the fateful day. Around midnight one of her brothers spotted them and informed it to the rest, according to her.

They caught Birat, beat him up severely and carried him to his rented house nearby from where the police recovered the body on the subsequent day.




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