D Kannagi

D Kannagi, 22, India.

Killing for ‘caste honour’ in Tamil Nadu

‘Honour killing’ is not confined to the northern States such as Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh. In the south, Tamil Nadu has seen similar incidents in the recent past. Here, however, the objection to marriage was based on caste prejudice. In 2003, a young couple, S. Murugesan and D. Kannagi, was harassed and killed by the young woman’s relatives because the former was a Dalit and the latter a Vanniyar. This happened at Puthukkooraippettai village in Cuddalore District. Both were graduates and their marriage had been duly registered under the Hindu Marriage Registration Rules, without the knowledge of their parents. Kannagi’s father, who was the president of the local panchyat, saw it as an affront to his “family honour” as well as “caste honour.” The couple ran for life, but were caught and allegedly poisoned to death.


One major difference between the North Indian incidents and the Cuddalore village tragedy is that the informal oor panchayat (which exists in almost every village in Tamil Nadu) did not seem to have played any role in the Puthukkooraipettai atrocity. If this is the state of ‘love marriage’ across caste divides in a progressive State like Tamil Nadu where the government patronises it, what can one say about the happenings in States like Haryana?

Five years earlier, in November 1998, at Thirunallur village in Pudukottai District in the State, three Dalit young men were tonsured, stripped, and beaten up by the majority caste Hindus of the village for marrying non-Dalit girls.


: S.Murugesan & D Kannagi.


Profile of the couple      : S.Murugesan belonged to the dalit community and the girl D Kannagi -22, belonged to the vanniyar community.

The accused                   : her father president of the gram panchayat.and her relatives.


Place                                : Puthukkooraippettai village in Cuddalore districe, Tamilnadu.


Date of Murder               : in 2003.

Assasination                    : they both start love to each other but belonged to different castes boy from the dalit and the girl from a upper caste family so this was unacceptable for the girls family members especially her father who was the president of the village gram panchayat. So they caught the run away couples and killed both of them in the name of saving the honour of his family and caste.



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