Deepika & Vijay Dahiya

Name of the couple   : Deepika & Vijay Dahiya


Profile of the victim         : Deepika 18, a Class 12 student, was the resident of Jakhoda village, Jhajjar Haryana.

Murdered person              : Deepika


The accused                       : Her father Roop ram.
Place of Murder               : Jakhoda village, Jhajjar Haryana.


Date of Murder                 : 7th June 2011


Assassination : killed his daughter by strangulating her for the sake of family honour. He was suspecting that she was going around with her cousin,” Vijay Dahiya, investigation officer of the case, told. “After killing Deepika, the accused hanged her body from a ceiling fan to mislead the police. During interrogation, Roop Ram broke down and admitted that he killed his daughter to save his family’s honour.


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