Fadia H.

Fadia H. 20, Germany. 

Fadia was killed at the age of 21 by her brother Rudank, who was 20 years old. She must die, because she refused to marry a man of her community.
Her family was Kurdish and belonged to the Yezidi religion. They came from Syria to Germany when Fadia was a teenager.

To start an apprenticeship, she later moved from Celle to Lueneberg. In Lueneberg she met her German boyfriend Michael, who was 3 years older than her.
On November the 3rd 2000, in broad daylight, she was stabbed to death. After four years, before her murderer finally could be put on trial, he fled to Syria. One year later he was caught and sentenced to 8 years in prison.


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  1. kim says:

    very beautiful girls, very sad and sick story, what a sad life…being born a girl with no rights at all. makes me sick to my stomach… let us all pray for them.

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