Fathia el Q.

Fathia el Q. Germany 42

Fathia was murdered in Febuary 2011 in Germany, after having fled an abusive relationship in Spain with her partner M. Hassan. Originally from Morrocco, Fathia had been married once before, and had a son and a daughter by her first husband. However when widowed, she struck up a new relationship with Hassan. This liaison quickly became abusive: her daughter reported beatings and threats taking place and in 2009 after a 6-year relationship Fathia and Hassan separated. In October 2010 she decided to travel to Dusseldorf in Germany where her mother and sisters lived. Having only lived there a short while, Fathia spoke little German and was attending a German language and integration course.

It was on her way to one of these classes one evening that she was murdered by Hassan. Hassan was already known to the authorities before his arrest. Shortly after the murder had taken place he was supposed to be starting a three year prison sentence for drug offences and had previously been called in to the police for possession of illegal weapons and over his violence towards Fathia during their relationship in Spain.

Witnesses recalled that after Fathia left Spain, Hassan was intent on finding her. That February evening, while walking along a public street in Dusseldorf, he finally tracked her down. After a short conversation she started screaming for help. She was then stabbed with a kitchen knife. Hassan fled and was chased by witnesses but they could not keep up. He was eventually tracked down in Spain and held accountable for the murder.




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