Ghazala Khan

Ghazala Khan, 19, Denmark.

In 2006, Ghazala’s brother and father were given life sentences and an aunt, three uncles and a family friend were also found guilty for being part of her murder.

The family had tracked down Ghazala after she eloped with long-term boyfriend Emal Khan, and they invited her to a ‘reconciliation meeting’ at Slagelse railway station, to kill her. Her husband was shot twice in the stomach, but survived. Mobile phone records demonstrated that all the family members were present in the area where the murder was carried out, and they were all in constant contact with each other.

The jury in the case suffered threats and vandalism while hearing the case..

Ghazala’s murder had been ordered by her father to save the family honour.

She had run away in September because telling her family about her marriage desires had lead to her being beaten and a prisoner in her room. She escaped to live with her boyfriend and they moved around to live with friends and repeatedly contacted the police for protection, but were denied help.











The train on the tracks,


With the ebbs and flows

Launching forward, backward,

Forward again.


The air is still.

Betraying a secret,

A sacred bond between parent and child,

To be broken.


By blood.

Her blood.

In its purest form.


She loved,

It was denied.

She tried,

It was trampled,

She hoped,

It was delayed.

She finally trusted,

It was broken.


How can you who gave her life

think you have the right to take it away?

You, mortal, the most broken of all,

Think, she is anyone’s but Gods?


She is Gods!

He  put soul into her being,

And love into her heart

And faith as your daughter.


It is You, who have transgressed!

God is on her side,

As she is on His.


She is free as she was born,


It is You, who are now on eternal trial.




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  1. christianne hilgenberg says:

    My Dear Ghalzala ~ if only you had not trusted your family but this is foolish of me to even mention. I just pray that you and your Love Emal Khan are in the better part of paradise .. I will shed tears for your life and for this love you had a right to but were unfortunate to live in a culture where it was forbidden.
    many tears many hugs many kisses
    christianne I am witness to your Life, Ghalzala <3

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