Harjinder Singh & Lovepreet Kaur

Name of the couple    : Harjinder singh & Lovepreet Kaur

Profile of the victims        : Harjinder – 22, was a student of Industrial Training Institute (ITI). He belonged to a dalit community however Lovepreet -17, belonged to a jat sikh community. both were the residents of Chandarpur village Punjab. They both were in love for many months.

Murdered person             : Harjinder singh & Lovepreet Kaur.

The accused                       : Lovepreet’s father Jagtar singh

Place of Murder                : Lovepreet’s house in Chandarpur village Punjab

Date of Murder                 : 20August 2010.

Assassination                      : Lovepreet belonged to a Jat Sikh family whereas Harjinder was a Dalit, they both were in love with each other which was untolerable to Lovepreet’s father. One day Harjinder went to Lovepreet’s house to meet her, Jagtar found the couple in an objectionable position and could not control his anger. He fired at both of them. On hearing the gunshots, Harjinder’s brother, who was waiting outside, came to intervene. He also sustained a bullet injury in the thigh Partap Singh, a police officer, told.

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