Hatun Sürücü

Hatun Sürücü, 23, Germany.

23 year old Hatun Sürücü, of Turkish-Kurdish origin, was shot dead, on a Berlin street on February 7 2005. She had left a marriage which she had been forced into at the age of 15 and was living in Germany as a single mother, studying electrical engineering at college.

Her youngest brother, Ayhun, was sentenced to nine years and three months imprisonment, two of her other brothers, Alpaslan and Mutlu, were not convicted due to lack of evidence. During his trial, Ayhun told the court in that he shot Hatun because he disapproved of her lifestyle and her morals. He said she had infuriated him by saying that she had the right to live as she pleased and to sleep with whom she wanted.

Ayhun had bragged to his girlfriend Melek about the murder straight after committing it. He also told her that something bad had happened when he was 14 involving Hatun; and that she should have been killed years ago. Investigators have alleged that Hatun may have been raped by a family member. Melek, was put in protective custody because she testified against him.





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  1. Julie says:

    Wishing u peace..beautiful soul….there are a lot of us women from all over the world who will never stop trying to stop this ugliness in the name of honour..any violence against women is an act of evil.

  2. MoblieTechy says:

    RIP … beautiful, smart one … you are missed

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