Huri Özçelik

Huri Özçelik, 28, Turkey.

A Turkish father Dumlu Ozcelik received lifetime imprisonment for killing his daughter, in a trial of ‘honor killing’ in the northwestern Turkish city of Bursa.

Huri had left her husband and came to her father’s home bringing along her two children.

When Dumlu found out his daughter eloped with another man to Ankara, he took the 28-year-old daughter back home in Bursa and shot her six times in front of her children.

The court first granted the public prosecutor’s demand for an aggravated life sentence on charges of murder on the prompting of tradition, also known as an honor killing. The court jury, however, mitigated the punishment considering the good conduct of the accused during the trial, and sentenced Ozcelik, father of two, to a lifetime sentence only.

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