Name of the Couple  : Imrana and Irfan


Profile of the victim          : Imrana reportedly used to weave carpets at home for an export firm. She was in love relationship with Irfan. They both were the residents of Bhojpur Ghaziabad.

Murdered person              : Imrana


The accused                       : Her father and his four hired goons Arif and Asim, Zalis and Munshaad
Place of Murder                : Bhojpur Ghaziabad.


Date of Murder                 : 23rd march 2009


Assassination : Imrana, was set on fire inside her house in a case of what the police called ‘moral vigilantism’. The victim had screamed for help for about 20 minutes before neighbours arrived only to find her still smoldering. She was admitted to a local hospital where she later succumbed to her injuries.


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