Jihan Sideeq

Jihan Sideeq, shot 20 times, June 16, 2010

Jihan married her husband three years ago to the harsh disapproval of her family. Already a mother and pregnant with their second child, Jihan and her husband believed the dispute between their families was over. On June 16, the pregnant Jihan was shot dead in her home by her own relatives in what police say was an honor killing.
“We had settled the dispute between both of the families. I don’t know why her family killed her,” her husband, Jaleel Mustafa, 38, told Rudaw this week.
Jihan Sideeq, 28, was cleaning in the family home in Suayfa village, Gwer district, when four of her relatives entered the house and shot her 20 times.
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Jaleel said he had asked for Jihan’s hand three times and had sent many people to her family to ask for the marriage to be approved, but still her family would not allow Jihan to marry Jaleel. They married without family consent and Jihan didn’t see her parents again but had been in contact via telephone, according to Jaleel.
After some time, both families reconciled when Jaleel paid $5,000 to Jihan’s family. It was also agreed that Jihan’s brother would marry Jaleel’s sister.
“We were planning to arrange my sister’s marriage with Jihan’s brother in September. Jihan’s family agreed to the money but did not take it. They were saying let the money to stay with you. We will take it when we arrange the marriage between your sister and our son. My sister was also agreeing to the marriage,” said Jaleel.
Jaleel’s family live in Khebat district, 36 km west of Erbil, but do their farming in Gwer located 20 Km away from Khebat. On the day Jihan was killed, Jaleel was not home. He had gone to get his Peshmarga salary.
Wayda, Jaleel’s first wife, said, “We were just coming back from our farms. I was busy with the kids. Jihan was preoccupied with preparing lunch.”

All of a sudden Wayda heard a series of gun shots. She ran outside and saw Jihan laying on the floor. “I saw four men running; one of them was Jihan’s paternal uncle and two more were his sons. I also saw, Akram,www.ekurd.netanother cousin of Jihan. When I got to Jihan, she was not dead yet. I asked her who did this to you? She said something but I did not understand what she was saying”.




Jihan sideeq her spous name – Jaleel

Murdered person            : Jihan sideeq


The accused                      : Jihan’s paternal uncle and her relatives.


Place of Murder                : Village – Suayfa, district – Gwer

Date of Murder                 : 16 june 2010.


Assasination                      : Jihan was in love with Jaleel. Jaleel had asked Jihan’s family for their consent to solemnize the marriage but her family did not agree so they decided to runaway from their home and did the court marriage. But when they both thought that the dispute between their family is over that time her paternal uncle came with her relatives and shot 20 rounds on jihan and killed her.


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