Name of the couple   : P Joshua and Kalaivani

Profile of the victims        : P Joshua was an employee in a private firm of Ambattur. He belonged to a dalit family while Kalaivani was an undergraduate student was the daughter of Ezhumalai, a real estate Businessman. She belonged to an upper caste family.

Murdered person              : Kalaivani

The accused                       : Her father Ezhumalai.

Marriage date                   : 18th Jan 2011

Place of Murder                : Red hills police station Chennai.

Date of Murder                 : 25th Jan 2011.

Assassination                     : Kalaivani, an undergraduate student, fled home on January 21 to get married to Joshua in a city church. She had met Joshua, an employee of a private firm in Ambattur, some 18 months ago through a common friend. Fearing opposition, she did not disclose her relationship to her family and registered her marriage at the sub-registrar’s office in Egmore last week. Following a complaint by Joshua and Kalaivani that they feared for their lives as her family was against their marriage, Red Hills police inspector K Kumaran called Ezhumalai for talks. “Ezhumalai, a real estate businessman, came to the station dressed in a pair of trousers and shirt. As soon as he entered, he walked towards Kalaivani, pulled out a knife from his pocket and slit her throat,” Police said.

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