Name of the Couple   : Kalpana & Santlal Kewat


Profile of the victim          : Kalpna 15, was the daughter of Munna Yadav, who belongs to OBC community. She was in love with Santlal Kewat Who was also from an OBC community but they both were from different castes. They were the residents of Simra town in chattarpur.
Murdered person              : Kalpna.


The accused                       : Her father munna yadav.
Place of Murder                : Simra town in chattarpur.


Date of Murder                 : 5th July 2010.


Assassination : Munna Yadav, who belongs to OBC community, was angry at his daughter Kalpana (15) after she had eloped last month with a married man named Santlal Kewat, also an OBC but from a different caste.

Yadav told the police that he killed Kalpana because she had brought a “bad name” to his family in the community, police said.

He told police that because of Kalpana, people would not marry his three other daughters.




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