Khawla al S.

Khawla al S. Germany

Khawla, 17 was murdered by her father and her two brothers Kahled (37) and Walid (35) in Darmstadt in Germany in April 2004 after developments in her relationship with a young Italian man called Raffaele who she wanted to marry. Her family had promised Khawla to another man back in Jordan but when rumours started to circulate that Khawla was pregnant by her boyfriend they acted brutally. After being taken to her brothers’ house she was beaten unconscious and later decapitated to disguise the identity of her body. After the murder her family escaped back to Jordan. Eventually they were tracked down by Interpol but were acquitted of Khawla’s murder. Believing themselves free, they later returned to Germany where the trial was reopened. All three received life sentences.







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