KR Deepika

KR Deepika, India

The police nabbed two prime accused in February suspected honour killing of KR Deepika at Thamasandra village in Kanakapura in India.

The arrested are Gowramma and Mooge Gowda, mother and grandfather of KR Deepika.

The 20-year-old was murdered along with her four-month-old son, allegedly by her family, for marrying her neighbour Venkatesh, who belongs to another caste.

Four other accused, including Deepika’s father Ramakrishnaiah, uncle KV Venkatesh, aunt Padma, and another uncle Channabeere Gowda, are still absconding.

The accused, after the cremating the bodies, fled the village.

The police, who were tipped off that Gowramma and Gowda had sneaked back to the city by bus on Thursday night, arrested them.

Deepika was invited home on February 26, at midnight the mother and daughter had a row, which ended in Gowramma assaulting Deepika.



Venkatesh & KR Deepika both comes from different castes.


Murdered person           : KR Deepika – 20 years

The accused                   : The accused are from the girls family her parents Ramakrishnaiah &Gowramma, her grandfather – Gowda, relatives – KV Venkatesh & Padma, and Channabeera Gowda.


Place                               : Thamasandra in Kanakapura


Date of Murder             : 26th feb

Assasination                   : KR Deepika eloped with Venkatesh, her lover and married with him after a period of time she became a mother and was living a happy life but then her family came to know about her and they invited her at her maternal house there her family member killed her with her son in the name of saving the honour of their family and clan.


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