Lakhvir Singh

Name of the couple  : Lakhvir singh and Sukhwinder kaur

Profile of the victims         : Lakhvir Singh belonged to a Jat sikh community was the resident of Uppli Patti in Punjab while the girl Sukhwinder kaur belonged to a SC community and was a resident of Shaihna village in Tappa Sub-division of Barnala. They were in love for the last 7-8 years.

Murdered person              : Lakhvir singh

The accused                       : Sukhwinder kaur Nephew Harjinder singh Bobby.
Place of Murder               : Shaihna village in Tappa Sub-division of Barnala.


Date of Murder                 : 26th July 2010


Assassination : Police said that the 35-year-old girl was having an affair with the boy for the last 7-8 years and the duo used to meet clandestinely. When the girl’s parents came to know, they warned the boy to sever ties with their daughter despite the warnings the duo used to meet and their meetings became quite frequent after the death of the girl’s brother since she was in a state of shock and needed support to recover. After the death of the girl’s brother, her nephew Harjinder Singh Bobby came to live with them. He too warned Lakkhi not to meet his aunt.
when the boy went to meet his girlfriend at her home, Bobby spotted them and badly thrashed Lakkhi, resulting in his death. Allegedly, after killing Lakkhi, Bobby threw him into a septic tank near their house.


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