Name of the Victim    : Mahender


Profile of the victim          : Mahendra singh 23, was a resident of Shanti nagar New delhi. He was in an illicit relationship with Azad daughter.

Murdered person              : Mahender


The accused                       : His girlfriend father and brother Azad, 40 and Monu, 19.
Place of Murder               : Shanti nagar New delhi. He


Date of Murder                 : 14th Sep 2010


Assassination : During investigation at Shanti Nagar where Mahender lived, police received information that the murder might have happened due to Mahender’s relationship with Azad’s daughter, which Azad and his son considered against their “honour”.
The two accused broke down during interrogation and accepted killing Mahender because they had found him one night in Azad’s daughter’s bedroom. They disclosed that they had beat Mahender up severely and finally hit him with a hammer, at which Mahender fell down unconscious, To make sure he was dead, they strangulated him, loaded his body on a bicycle and dumped him in the canal, the police official added.


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