Name of the victim    : Meena

Profile of the victim          : Meena was a girl of 18 years old. She was the resident of Manauri village of Kaushambi Uttar Pradesh. She was having an affair with a youth of the same village.
Murdered person              : Meena


The accused                       : Her brother Sanju
Place of Murder                : Manauri village of Kaushambi Uttar Pradesh.


Date of Murder                 : 17th Feb 2011.


Assassination : Police said the teenager had gone missing since 10 Feb 2011, and her family suspected that she ran away with her lover.


Meera returned home later and was reprimanded by the brother.


When she failed to come out with a satisfactory reason for running away, the brother pulled out a pistol and shot her.


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  1. christianne hilgenberg says:

    tears for Meera’s horrific injustice
    mercy on her brother’s soul
    may his eyes and mind be opened to the wrong doing of murdering his sister in the name of honor.. a sacred soul massacred ..
    ENLIGHTEN and change this mentality
    come up with alternatives to this or shelter for the victims or more widespread education
    may she find the Best Part of Paradise and pray for us now, ameen

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