Mehnaz Khan

Mehnaz Khan and Vidyanand Jadahv


Profile of the couple        : The couples were in their twenties. Mehnaz khan belonged to a muslim family while Vidyanand Belonged to a hindu family. They both were the residents of south Mumbai.

Date of marriage              : Not given

Murdered person              : Mehnaz Khan


The accused                       : Her parents Mohammad Munna Sardar Khan (38) and his wife Shenaz Khan (35)
Place of Murder               : South Mumbai.


Date of Murder                 : 2nd July 2006


Assassination : Mehnaz Khan and Vidyanand Jadahv, a Maharastrian Hindu boy, were in love for past several years and eloped to a place, called Panvel, and got married. When the girl’s parents came to know that their daughter was living with her husband at Panvel, they went there and pleaded with Mehnaz to return home. They assured Mehnaz that, once she comes home, they would accept her marriage with Vidyanand. They, thus, succeeded in persuading Mehnaz to return to their South Mumbai home.

But after she reached home at about midnight, Munna Khan immediately strangulated Mehnaz to death with a towel, as Sehnaz sat on her chest to prevent her from escaping. Munna Khan then dragged the body to the bathroom and cut it into 11 pieces. He also peeled off the skin from the victim’s face and disfigured it by cutting the nose, hoping that no one could identify her after a possible discovery. He then put her body-pieces in a gunny bag and threw it near the Byculla Bridge.

The court also observed that, although perpetrators of such a cruelty deserved death sentence, the court showed leniency and sentenced them to minimum punishment for the moral responsibility towards other 5 children of the convicts.


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