Methal Dayem

Methal Dayem, 22, USA.

Methal Dayem, of Palestinian origin was shot four times on January 8th 1999.  Methal was 21 years old when she was left to die suffocating on her own blood.

The crime-scene was an isolated, snow-covered area of West 73rd Street in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Four months later, police arrested her cousins Yezen Dayem and Musa Saleh.

By then, investigators believed Methal was a victim of an honour killing, after learning that some in the family were upset with her increasing independence, working and driving, additionally Methal had backed out of an arranged marriage a year before.

Methal’s sister told police that the two cousins had started following Methal to school and to work, sometimes calling in between to check up on what she was doing.

The case went to trial, but prosecutors had no physical evidence linking either to the murder. Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Thomas found the prosecution’s evidence placing Yezen Dayem at the murder scene convincing – specifically a security videotape showing his Honda CRV near the murder site that night and records showed Yezen Dayem’s cellular phone  was used to make a call from within 1 1/2 miles of the murder site about the same time. However reasonable doubt was raised by a pair of ski gloves found in Methal’s car DNA tests revealed that the gloves, which were covered with gunshot residue, didn’t match either Yezen Dayem or Musa Saleh.

The case remains unsolved.

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  1. Alex Pierce says:

    May justice find those who ended your life.

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