Nageem Sheikh

Nageem sheikh alias and Guddu

Profile of the victim         : Nageem was a muslim and the resident of Farrukhabad district in UP. While Priya 21, was a hindu and a resident of Kayamganj village in farrukhabad district.

Date of Marriage              : 25th Jan 2011

Murdered person              : Nageem sheikh alias and Guddu.

The accused                       : Sanjay, his brother-in-law Manoj Verma and domestic help Umesh Yadav. Gaurav Verma and Titu Gupta, two friends of Sanjay
Place of Murder               : Farrukhabad district of UP


Date of Murder                 : 26 th Jan 2011


Assassination : As per the details of the case, Kayamganj resident Sanjay Verma brutally murdered his sister Priya (21) and her husband Nageem Sheikh alias Gudda on January 26 as the woman’s family was not happy with her marriage with a Muslim.

Superintendent of Police, Farrukhabad, K Ejilearssane told The Indian Express: “It is a case of honour killing. The family members of the girl were annoyed with her for her marrying a Muslim boy and so they murdered them both.”


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