Naghma & Jiya

Name of the Victims  : Naghma and her sister Jiya

Profile of the victim         : Naghma 20, was the resident of Badgaon village of Saharanpur. She was in love with roshi, son of Ikram in the same village.

Murdered person              : Naghma and her sister Jiya

The accused                       : Her brother Nadeem.
Place of Murder               : Badgaon village in Saharanpur.

Date of Murder                 : 3rd July 2011.


Assassination : Both of them returned to their home after visiting their neighbour. They were confronted by their brother Nadeem in the courtyard of their house. He quizzed them about the reason for their outing. Soon a heated debate ensued followed by a minor scuffle. In a fit of rage Nadeem took out a country made pistol and shot dead Nagma when the younger one Jiya tried to intervene and snatch the firearm. He also shot her dead before fleeing from the scene. Police reached the scene and arrested Nadeem’s younger brother for interrogation. SSP Deepak Ratan informed newsmen that Naghma had an affair with his neighbour named Rosa which was objected by Nadeem.


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