Naresh Yadav

Name of the couple   : Naresh Yadav & Babli

Profile of the victims        : Narendra 25, was the resident of Sikandara Rau in Hathras district. He belonged to a yadav community however her wife Babli belonged to a SC family of the same district.

Murdered person              : Naresh yadav.

The accused                       : Her father Ohman and her relatives.

Place of Murder               : near Bamrauli in Allahabad.

Date of Murder                 : 22 April 2010

Assassination :  Six months ago, Naresh Yadav, a resident of Sikandara Rau in Hathras district, had married Babli, a member of a scheduled caste, against the wishes of her family.

Babli’s parents lodged an FIR against Naresh at Sikandara Rau police station under Sections 363 and 366 (kidnapping, abducting or inducing a woman for marriage) of the Indian Penal Code. Finally, they filed a petition for the same in Allahabad High Court, which stayed Naresh’s arrest on Tuesday.

After getting reprieve from the court, the couple, accompanied by Naresh’s uncle Yogendra Yadav, were returning home by Allahabad-Mathura Express, when the incident took place near Bamrauli when  Naresh has been thrown off the train.

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