Name of the Victim  : Neeru 


Profile of the victim          : Neeru, 17, a resident of village Malke in Moga district was allegedly having an affair with a boy of a neighboring village Thathi Bhai.


Murdered person              : Neeru 


The accused                       : Her father Pal singh
Place of Murder               : Malke in Moga district


Date of Murder                 : 9th May 2011.


Assassination : The family of the girl didn’t approve of the relationship.

As the minor girl went to boy’s village to meet him the father secretly followed her and beat her up after they were found together.

He is said to have brought the girl to village Malke and strangulated her.

A case of murder has been registered against the father Pal Singh, who has no regrets over the incident. “Whatever I have done is right”, he said.


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