Nitish Katara

Nitish Katara and Bharti Yadav

Profile of the victims        : Nitish Katara, a business executive in Delhi, and the son of former IAS officer fell in love with Bharti Yadav, daughter of DP Yadav, “unrivalled don of western Uttar Pradesh”. Though they were an established couple in a stable relationship.

Murdered person              : Nitish Katara.

The accused                       : Bharti’s brother and cousin Vikas and Vishal, Gangster Sukhdev Pehalwan.
Place of Murder               : Ghaziabad near Delhi


Date of Murder                 : 17th Feb 2002


Assassination : On 17 Feb 2002, the couple attended a friend’s wedding, where Yadav’s brother Vikas and a cousin were present as well. From there, Vikas Yadav and Vishal Yadav took Katara for a drive and never returned. Three days later, Katara’s body was found beside the highway; he had been battered to death with a hammer, diesel poured on him, and set aflame. He was beaten up so badly that his “digestive system had fallen out”. The case was termed as “Honour Killing”.

Mr Katara’s mother, Neelam, fought a long and tough legal battle to get justice for her son.


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