Palestina Isa

Palestina Isa, 16, USA


Sixteen-year-old Palestina (Tina) Isa was murdered by her father, Zein Isa, with the aid of her mother, Maria Isa, in 1989. The Isas were a family of Palestinian immigrants living in St. Louis, Missouri. After learning that Palestina had taken a part-time job without her parents’ permission, and dated an African American, Maria held Palestina down, while Zein repeatedly stabbed her.

The FBI unintentionally taped the brutal murder of 16-year-old Tina Isa, while doing electronic surveillance of the Isa’s home. Zein Isa, Tina’s father was a suspected Palestinian Terrorist and had been under FBI surveillance for some time. The first clue to Tina Isa’s death came one morning as FBI agents listened to the surveillance tapes from the night before. Imagine the difficulty the agents must have experienced listening to Tina’s terrifying screams, as her Palestinian father kills her and her Brazilian mother Maria helps him.

Messages in “Palestina Isa”

  1. gianni says:

    I am obsessed with her story,.I know she’s with the angels. And when I die I hope to meet you.

    • Palestina Isa did not do anything that i can see to dishonor her family. She was probably killed to silence her. Finding a part-time job is not dishonoring. From what I can understand, she was proud to be an American and her father disliked the fact that she had American friends. There is nothing honorable about honor killing. Given that logic, an honor student could be justly murdered for not having straight As!

  2. Marie says:

    I just wanted to say that Tina is NOT FORGOTTEN.

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