Name of the Couple   : Rahman and Priyanka Todi

Profile of the victim          : “Mr Rahman, 30, was a computer graphics teacher from a Muslim family of modest means. His widow, Priyanka Todi, 23, is the daughter of a wealthy Hindu clothing manufacturer. They secretly married in August and she left her family’s lavish suburban villa for his cramped apartment in a poor Muslim area of Calcutta.

Murdered person              :


The accused                       : Priyanka’s father Ashok Todi.
Place of Murder               : a city railway track in Calcutta.


Date of Murder                 : 21st Sep 2007.


Assassination : While Rizwanur was a Muslim who had struggled from the slums of Tiljala to become a graphic designer and teacher, his 23-year-old wife, Priyanka Todi is a Hindu and belongs to the Rs 200-crore-plus Lux hosiery andar-ki-baat-hai business family.

The couple’s crime was the assertion of their choice, which was seen as a direct attack on parental authority, community, social norms and religious beliefs.

The story of Priyanka-Rizwanur is the eternal tale of young couples trapped between their desire, the rights guaranteed by the law and their socio-cultural reality. It is about how the family, community and state agencies like the police treat love as a criminal activity and young lovers as criminals.




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