Rajesh and Rajni

Name of the couple   : Rajesh and Rajni

Profile of the victims        : They both belonged to the different castes. Rajni was the daughter of a former Ex- councellor. They both were the residents of Jagraon in Ludhiana.

Murdered person              : Rajesh and Rajni

The accused                       : Rajni’s father Ex-councilor of Jagraon Ravinder.

Marriage dat                     : 13th Jan 2010

Place of Murder                : Jagraon Ludhiana.

Date of Murder                 : 15 Jan 2010.


Assassination                     : Rajesh’s brother, Rakesh Kumar, had stated in his complaint that on January 14, 2005, Sabharwal came to their house while following his daughter and fired three shots at Rajni and two at Rajesh. Rajni died on the spot whereas Rakesh succumbed to his injuries at a hospital. Police had arrested Sabharwal and recovered .32 bore revolver along with three cartridges.

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