Rajesh Kumar & Monika Rani

Name of the Couple   : Rajesh Kumar and Monika Rani.


Profile of the victim          : Rajesh and Monika 22, were the residents of Chicago. Rajesh belonged to a lower caste family while Monika belonged to an upper caste family. They both had married without their family consent.

Murdered person              : Rajesh Kumar and Monika Rani and their three years old son Vansh Kumar.


The accused                       : Her father Subhash Chandra 57.
Place of Murder               : Apartment 209, south Suburb Chicago.


Date of Murder                 : 3rd Jan 2010.


Assassination : Mr. Chander said that the couple had married without his consent and that Mr. Kumar was from a lower caste in India than Ms. Rani’s family and Mr Chandra was not happy for that so he set fire on the apartment killing her daughter Monika, his daughter in-law Rajesh and his grandson Vansh. At that time Monika was pregnant of five months.


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