Rajiv Verma & Renu Pal

Name of the Couple  : Rajiv verma and Renu pal


Profile of the victim         : Rajiv was a teacher and belonged to a lower class family while the girl Renu pal was the student of BSC and belonged to an upper caste Thakur Ccommunity . They both were the residents of  Nagla Khuru village in Farrukhabad district in Uttar Pradesh.

Murdered person              : Rajiv verma and Renu pal


The accused                       : Renu family members and other people of the village of Thakur caste.
Place of Murder               : Nagla Khuru village in Farrukhabad district in Uttar Pradesh.


Date of Murder                 : 2nd May 2011.


Assassination : They fell in love and eloped, but their love was of no consequence for members of their communities, for whom marrying outside their caste was a far graver crime. police believe that Rajiv Verma and his girlfriend Renu Pal were stoned to death by a mob of about 200 people, including many of the girl’s relatives.

The couple were murdered apparently because of the mob’s “shame” that Renu, a student, should fall in love with her teacher, who came from a lower social group or caste.

The police said that community leaders had warned the couple to break off their relationship, but three days before their deaths, they ran off together.


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