Rajkumar and Neha


Name of the Couple    : Rajkumar and Neha


Profile of the victim          : Rajkumar, a Photographer was the resident of Khandwa district in Madhya Pradesh. He was in love with a girl of a nearby locality Aadarsh Nagar in Khandwa district.
Murdered person              : Rajkumar and Neha


The accused                       : Not known. The investigation is on.
Place of Murder                : Railway track in Jawar area (MP).


Date of Murder                 : 28th Aug 2011


Assassination : Rajkumar and Neha were in love with each other which was not acceptable to their family in spite of this they were carrying their love affair on. On 27/08/2011 when they were coming to their home after attending a party they got missing and on the same day Rajkumar called his family members that he is talking with them last time because the persons who had abducted them are going to kill them. And on Monday morning their dead bodies are find in many pieces.

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