Rehana Parveen

Name of the Couple    : Rehana Parveen & Bhoora Prajapati.

Profile of the victim         : Rehana 19, was the daughter of Mushtakeem, a resident of Mawaithakuran village in Moradabad UP, she belonged to a muslim community while her boyfriend Bhoora Prajapati belonged from a muslim community.

Murdered person              : Rehana Parveen

The accused                       : her father Mushtakeem
Place of Murder               : Mawaithakuran village in Moradabad UP,

Date of Murder                 : 25th Nov 2010.

Assassination : According to police, Prajapati and Parveen used to meet regularly in the fields on the outskirts of the village. But as Parveen had not been coming for the last few days, Prajapati approached police suspecting the girl could be in trouble.

Police raided Mushtakeem’s house and recovered his daughter’s body from a locked room.

The father told that he committed the crime as he thought his daughter’s marriage with the youth of a different community would bring a bad name to the family,


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