Rekha Gokvi

Name of the couple   : Narasanagowda Patil & Rekha Gokavi

Profile of the victims        : Narasanagowda Patil 22, belonged to a poor family while Rekha Gokavi 18, a high school dropout hailed from a rich family. They both belonged to a same village Chikkasavanur, a tiny village in Gadag district. The caste of both of the person was also the same.

Murdered person              : Rekha Gokvi

The accused                       : Rekha’s father –Narassa Reddy and Bhooma Reddy.
Place of Murder               : Chikkasavanur village in Gadag district

Date of Murder                 : 31st April 2008


Assassination : Rekha, a high school dropout, was in love with Narasanagowda Patil (22), against the wishes of their families. Both belonged to the Reddy community. Rekha’s parents had sent her to a relative’s house, in another village, to keep her away from Patil. On April 22, she returned to her village to meet Patil, but told her family she had come to participate in the Ugra Narasimhaswamy Jatra Mahotsava, a village festival.

Patil’s mother, Gangamma, saw them together in their house and informed Rekha’s father, Narasa Reddy, the FIR says. Narasa Reddy and his elder brother, Bhooma Reddy, rushed to the place, dragged Rekha out and beat her black and blue. Villagers said the girl was alive when her father and uncle set her on fire at their farmhouse.



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