Santosh, India.

In a case of honour killing, a married woman who had eloped with her paramour was murdered by her brother in Sriganganagar district, police in February 2011, in Jaipur India.

“The accused Radheyshyam was unhappy over his sister Santosh’s extra-marital affair and slit her throat yesterday with some sharp-edged weapon in Sadulshahar area,” they said.

“Santosh, a mother of three kids, allegedly abducted with her paramour a fortnight ago from her husband’s house in Khatwa village, but Radheyshayam located her in some other area and brought her back home. She was not ready to live with her husband so his brother killed her,” they said.

The victim’s father lodged an FIR against his son after he found the body of his daughter at the home.
A local court today sent Radheyshyam to judicial custody.




Santosh a mother of three kids


The accused                      : her brother – Radheyshyam


Place of Murder                : Srinagar district.

Date of Murder                 : Feb 2011.


Assasination                     : Santosh was not happy with her husband so she developed extramarital affairs with her neighbour and eloped with her paramour but her brother came to know about her where about so he brought her back to her house but Santosh refused to live with her husband on which her brother killed her on the name of saving the honor of her family.




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