Sara Jaffar Nimat

Sara Jaffar Nimat, 11, Iraqi Kurdistan.

Sara Jaffar Nimat is an 11-year-old girl from the town of Khanaqin in Iraqi Kurdistan. She was murdered on the 3 August 2007. The painful, degrading and horrific killing of Sara is another outrageous crime against young girls and women in Kurdistan. Sara was only in fifth grade at school. Loved by her friends, they played together on the night she was killed. Sara’s body was found in a nearby empty building. It had been hit by bricks, stones, and then burnt. There is not much information yet about who committed such a barbaric crime against an innocent young girl.

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  1. Paul Harper says:

    Sara was only 11 years old when they tried to extinguish her flame, but I know from her eyes that she is an advanced soul and sometimes they suffer to shine brighter and I’m sure Sara is shining bright now !!

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