Sevda Gok

Sevda Gok, 17, Turkey

Sevda Gok, a 17 years old girl was killed by her family members for bringing dishonor upon her family because she went to a cafe.

Knelt down, her throat was slit by her 14 years old cousin, in the middle of the day, in a crowded town centre whilst members of public were watching and other family members restraining her.

In March 1996, at the Sanliurfa Courthouse, women’s NGOs wanted Sevda’s voice to be represented by intervening in Sevda’s defense however, their motion to intervene was declined by the court. Her cousin only received 7 years prison sentence while her 12 suspected killers including her father, grandfather and uncles were acquitted.

Her teenage cousin who murdered her said that he had not regret, he had cleaned his honour. He wanted to be able to hold his head high.



Who are they to take away the air,

That God had made hers to breathe…

Who are they to take away the creation,

That God had made her to be…

Who are they to take away the street,

That God had made hers to walk on..

Who are they to take away the words,

That God wrote for her song…

She is in Peace’s hands now, nestled in Love’s bosom. Hers is Innocence, Hers is Honor and she is Justice.



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  1. brien says:

    consciousness is now at rest. She is in Love’s arms now.

  2. Paul Harper says:

    Lovely words to her memory – to me an unknown girl whose lfe was callously taken by creatures who have no right and are dishonourable to humanity.

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