Shabana Khan

Name of the couple   : Shabana khan

Profile of the victims        : Shabana khan had two chidren a daughter and a son. She got separated from her husband and staying alone with children in Mumbai.

Murdered person              : Shabana khan

The accused                       : her cousins Maqsood Baig and Mohammed Amir, Mohammad Moid and Akhta

Place of Murder                : Shabana khan’ residence in Mumbai.

Date of Murder                 : 9th Feb 2011

Assassination :  Khan separated from her husband some time back and was staying with her daughter and son. However, when she decided to marry another man, her family members, including her cousins Maqsood Baig and Mohammed Amir, did not approve of it

Amir, Baig, alongwith two other men, Mohammad Moid and Akhtar went to Khan’s residence and killed her at around 11.45 pm when she and her children were asleep.

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