Shakila, Afghanistan

Not long ago, a media article featured the story of Shakila and many other women who spent their lives struggling to continue their day to day existence. Shakila, alive at the time, in the article spoke of the hardships she had to go through as a woman in Afghan society from commuting to her workplace and back to going out in public for daily chores. She said, that well-paid jobs were scarce in her country which made the living conditions much more drastic than they already were. Although the fall of the Taliban gave the female population of Afghanistan some hope and opportunities for education, work and basic rights, it sadly did not alleviate or reduce the cruelties inflicted by their family members and local community in the name of upholding the society’s honor.

In the year 2009 it was reported that a certain Haji Gulbuddin, a resident of Samangan, a province in Northern Afghanistan, had stabbed his daughter to death with a kitchen knife. After doing so, he called up the local police and registered his own surrender against this horrendous act. The post mortem report stated that Shakila had been stabbed 60 times which included stab wounds to her head, face and body. The father’s statement specified that he had committed this crime because he suspected his daughter Shakila had an affair with a boy.


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