Name of the couple     : Shayam & Kusoom alias Munni

Murdered person              : Shayam

The accused names           : Munni’s brothers – Suresh Chawda, Ramesh Chawda, Ramesh Waghela and Santosh Chawda.

Name of the place              : Bhuj in Gujrat.

Date of the Murder           : 16th June kidnapping and murder.

Assasination                      : On June 16, the couple landed in the city at Shyam’s residence. Somehow Munni’s family came to know about it, following which they reached Shyam’s residence and kidnapped the couple from there.

According to police investigation, Shyam was then killed and his body thrown in a lake in Sanand. The body was identified as Shyam’s and the police then registered a murder case against Munni’s family.

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