Name of the couple   : Megala & Sivakumar.

Profile of the victims        : Megala -20, and Shivkumar – 24, both belonged to same gotra of Thevar community and were the residents of Manamadurai in Tamilnadu.

Murdered person              : Sivakumar

The accused                       : her father and brother.

Place of Murder                : Manimadurai in Tamilnadu.

Date of Murder                 : 7th July 2010

Assassination                     : Megala eloped with her boyfriend after she was married off to a man 15 years older to her, paid a heavy price for it. She lost her lover and was brutally attacked and ostracized by her family and community. Megala, 20, and Sivakumar, 24, were told they couldn’t marry as they were related. Her family married her off in June. Ten days after the wedding, she ran away with Sivakumar. Her family tracked the couple down and attacked Sivakumar with ‘aruvaals’. Sivakumar died on the spot.

Megala, now in hospital, says that everyone in her village, including her mother, feels that the punishment is justified as she brought shame to her village and the Thevar community to which she belongs.

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