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Heshu Yones

Heshu Yones, 16, UK.

Abdullah Yones, began a life sentence in October 2003 for the murder of his 16-year-old daughter, Heshu a year earlier.

Heshu Yones was 16 when her father discovered she had a relationship with a classmate. He attempted to force her to marry a cousin in Kurdistan, and subjected her to virginity testing.

It was the first time in British legal history that a plea of ‘honour killing’ had been entered.

Abdullah said he stabbed Heshu to death at their West London home, because he feared she was becoming westernised.

The Metropolitan police subsequently set up a task force in a bid to increase understanding and awareness of this complex cultural issue though it was too late for women like Yones.

Heshu, who was described as popular and fun-loving, planned to run away from home after starting a relationship with an 18-year-old Lebanese boy.  In a letter to her parents, Heshu wrote:

“Bye Dad, sorry I was so much trouble. Me and you will probably never understand each other, but I’m sorry I wasn’t what you wanted, but there’s some things you can’t change. Hey, for an older man you have a good strong punch and kick. I hope you enjoyed testing your strength on me, it was fun being on the receiving end. Well done.”

Abdullah stabbed his daughter Heshu 11 times and then slit her throat with a kitchen knife. Heshu took 15 minutes to bleed to death.