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Name of the victim         : Shobha – 22 years.

Murdered person            : Shobha

The accused names       : her brother Mandeep and cousin Ankit.

Name of the place          : Ashok vihar Delhi

Date of the Murder         : 20th June 2010

Assassination : Shobha was just one of the victims in a mass honour killing in Wazirpur in Northern Delhi on 20 June 2010. She was murdered along with her sister Monica and Monica’s boyfriend Kuldeep who Monica had married four years before the attack took place. Shobha is said to have been independent by nature. Instead of conforming to the restrictive limitations placed on her, she liked to push the boundaries a little, taking the bus to MacDonalds or to a nearby mall in the upmarket area near where she lived. Indeed several years before her murder she had disappeared with a man, but had returned home without him. Her friend Deepak, 18, remembered her as “pretty, fun, outgoing”. Monica was more serious, but despite this had eloped to marry Kuldeep (the first from Wazirpur to do so), regardless of his being from a higher caste than hers and despite her parents’ disapproval. Needless to say she was happy with her life, they lived in a rented flat and Kuldeep worked in a call centre.

What made this case different was that older family members were not involved in their murder. They did however contribute to a culture in which murdering a woman who is seen to have tarnished a family’s ‘honour’ goes unquestioned. Shobha and Monica’s brothers, together with a mutual friend planned and committed the murder. It is reported that they were taunted in the street as a result of the perceived ‘dishonour’ of their sisters which goaded them into their barbaric actions.

The spark was when Shobha’s little sister ran away with a man, reportedly aided by Shobha. Together the brothers decided to punish the women in their family, even though Shobha’s elopement had happened years before and Monica and Kudeep were happily married. They firstly went to Monica’s house and shot her and her husband, and then went on to Shobha’s and murdered her as well.

After the killings the three murderers fled, throwing the pistol they used into the Ganges. The murder weapon was later recovered and all three were later arrested.




Name of the Victim     : Anup, age – 17

Profile of the victim    : Anup, 10+2 student was the son of Pawan kumar in Haluwas village, district – Bhiwani

The accused                      : The suspects are the family members of the girl with whom Anup was in love.

Place of Murder                : Village – Jui, District – Bhiwani, Haryana.

Date of Murder                 : 26 Jan 2011.

Assasination                      : Anup a resident of haluwas village was in love with a girl of the same village and of the same caste. According to information, Anup, had gone missing from his house on January 9. His family suspected that he was abducted by some youths of the girl’s family.The police have registered a case under section 365 (kidnapping) of the IPC against unknown persons in the case and started investigation. When the police retrieved the call details of his mobile phone, it was revealed that he had got a call from a family member of the girl on the day he disappeared from his house.Anup’s body was found in the fields of Jui village, about 20 km from Haluvas village. Bhiwani SSP Ashvin Sainvi said it seemed to be a case of murder as severe injuries were found on the body.


Name of the couple     : Shayam & Kusoom alias Munni

Murdered person              : Shayam

The accused names           : Munni’s brothers – Suresh Chawda, Ramesh Chawda, Ramesh Waghela and Santosh Chawda.

Name of the place              : Bhuj in Gujrat.

Date of the Murder           : 16th June kidnapping and murder.

Assasination                      : On June 16, the couple landed in the city at Shyam’s residence. Somehow Munni’s family came to know about it, following which they reached Shyam’s residence and kidnapped the couple from there.

According to police investigation, Shyam was then killed and his body thrown in a lake in Sanand. The body was identified as Shyam’s and the police then registered a murder case against Munni’s family.


Name of the couple   : Megala & Sivakumar.

Profile of the victims        : Megala -20, and Shivkumar – 24, both belonged to same gotra of Thevar community and were the residents of Manamadurai in Tamilnadu.

Murdered person              : Sivakumar

The accused                       : her father and brother.

Place of Murder                : Manimadurai in Tamilnadu.

Date of Murder                 : 7th July 2010

Assassination                     : Megala eloped with her boyfriend after she was married off to a man 15 years older to her, paid a heavy price for it. She lost her lover and was brutally attacked and ostracized by her family and community. Megala, 20, and Sivakumar, 24, were told they couldn’t marry as they were related. Her family married her off in June. Ten days after the wedding, she ran away with Sivakumar. Her family tracked the couple down and attacked Sivakumar with ‘aruvaals’. Sivakumar died on the spot.

Megala, now in hospital, says that everyone in her village, including her mother, feels that the punishment is justified as she brought shame to her village and the Thevar community to which she belongs.

Naresh Yadav

Name of the couple   : Naresh Yadav & Babli

Profile of the victims        : Narendra 25, was the resident of Sikandara Rau in Hathras district. He belonged to a yadav community however her wife Babli belonged to a SC family of the same district.

Murdered person              : Naresh yadav.

The accused                       : Her father Ohman and her relatives.

Place of Murder               : near Bamrauli in Allahabad.

Date of Murder                 : 22 April 2010

Assassination :  Six months ago, Naresh Yadav, a resident of Sikandara Rau in Hathras district, had married Babli, a member of a scheduled caste, against the wishes of her family.

Babli’s parents lodged an FIR against Naresh at Sikandara Rau police station under Sections 363 and 366 (kidnapping, abducting or inducing a woman for marriage) of the Indian Penal Code. Finally, they filed a petition for the same in Allahabad High Court, which stayed Naresh’s arrest on Tuesday.

After getting reprieve from the court, the couple, accompanied by Naresh’s uncle Yogendra Yadav, were returning home by Allahabad-Mathura Express, when the incident took place near Bamrauli when  Naresh has been thrown off the train.

Shabana Khan

Name of the couple   : Shabana khan

Profile of the victims        : Shabana khan had two chidren a daughter and a son. She got separated from her husband and staying alone with children in Mumbai.

Murdered person              : Shabana khan

The accused                       : her cousins Maqsood Baig and Mohammed Amir, Mohammad Moid and Akhta

Place of Murder                : Shabana khan’ residence in Mumbai.

Date of Murder                 : 9th Feb 2011

Assassination :  Khan separated from her husband some time back and was staying with her daughter and son. However, when she decided to marry another man, her family members, including her cousins Maqsood Baig and Mohammed Amir, did not approve of it

Amir, Baig, alongwith two other men, Mohammad Moid and Akhtar went to Khan’s residence and killed her at around 11.45 pm when she and her children were asleep.

Yogesh Kumar Jatav and Asha Saini

Profile of the victims        : Yogesh Kumar Jatav, 21, and 19-year-old Asha Saini, lived just streets from each other in the crowded, claustrophobic Gokulpuri neighbourhood on the edge of the city. Yogesh worked as a taxi driver and belonged to a SC community, his parents were dead while Asha saini’s father had a well settled business of vegetables and she hailed from an upper caste community.

Murdered person              : Yogesh kumar Jatav and Asha saini.

The accused                       : Her father and her uncle

Place of Murder                : Gokulpuri Delhi.

Date of Murder                 : 16th June 2010.

Assassination                    : Yogesh kumar Jatav and Asha saini were tortured and murdered in a so-called honour killing, allegedly by the young woman’s family, who objected to the relationship.

“Over a period of several hours, the young couple were bound, beaten and given electric shocks before they died. All that time, the woman screamed and begged with her assailants–apparently her uncle and father–to spare the life of the young man whom she so wanted to marry. Ms Saini’s uncle apparently confessed to the crime and told reporters: ‘We killed them using an electric shock. Yogesh had come to our house. We don’t feel any remorse.


Name of the victim    : Banty

Profile of the victims        : Banty  20, was a resident of Anand parbat, central delhi.

Murdered person             : Bunty

The accused                       : Her girlfriend’s minor brother, his two friends Arun-22, and the other one is also a minor.

Place of Murder                : Anand parbat central delhi.

Date of Murder                 : 16 march 2010.

Assassination                      : According to the Deputy commissioner of police central delhi Jaspal singh Bunty was in love with a girl of another caste of the same locality which was unacceptable to their family so the brother of his girl friend, who was a minor, made a plan to kill Bunty. He called bunty on the nearby railway track and slit his throat with the help of his two friend’s and thereafter dropped his body in a water tank in Nehru nagar.

Priyanka Rajput

Priyanka Rajput, 22, India

Priyanka belonged to a Rajput community in Tripali Badi village of Churu district. Her parents arranged a marriage with an Ahmedabad-based man, but Priyanka refused the proposal because she was already in love with Suraj Kumar of Jhunjhunu district, a Jat community. Against her parents’ wishes, Priyanka ran away with Suraj. The young lovers eloped, they were married in Arya Samaj temple in June 2010 against their families wishes and moved to Jaipur to start a life together.

Priyanka was taken from her new home in Jaipur.  “On Sep 24th, parents of Priyanka came here at my residence when I was not in my house and forcibly took my wife to their village.,” Suraj explained.

While being detained by her mother and father, Priyanka had a heated argument with her parents. Angry by the refused marriage proposal and dishonored by what they called the “love affair”, Priyanka’s mother, Santosh Kanwar, father, Bhawani Singh Rathore, and uncle, Prithvi Singh, strangled the her and hurriedly cremated her body on the 10th of October 2010.

“We suspect that the father and mother of Priyanka Rajput killed her due to a love affair with a boy of a different community. It seems to be a case of honour killing,” said a police official. Santosh Kanwar, Bhawani Singh Rathore, and Prithvi Singh were arrested soon after the honour killing.


Love is like your breathing,
that sustains life.

Love is like your faith,
when all arrows point to doubt.

To stand together in love,
against a world that does not want you to love,
is strength.

To fight for love,
in the world that is taking it away from you,
is strongest yet.

In this brief life that you lived, you won. Because you fought for the only thing worth fighting for.


Gopal & Mangamma

Name of the couple    : Gopal & Mangamma

Proffile of the victims      : Gopal – 21, was the son of an ex-surpanch Chintala Ramanjaneyulu of Bollanagadda village in Bommanahal mandal of Anantapur district. The girl Mangamma – 18 was the daughter of Linganna int the same village.

Murdered persons             : Gopal & Mangamma

The accused                      : Mangamma’s father Linganna with his relatives – Govindu, Vannuru Swamy, Nagaraju, Parameshwarappa and Venkatesh.

Place of Murder                : Nakkandadoddi village in Guntakal mandal.

Date of Murder                 : 21st August 2011.

Assasination                      : The couple had been in love for the past two years In August, the couple planned to elope and marry as they got worried and realised that their elders would never approve of their marriage, the young couple ran away from their homes on August 21 and took shelter in a relative’s house in Chayapuram village in Vajrakorur mandal. As ill luck would have it, an auto driver of Bollanagadda saw them and immediately informed Linganna who rushed to Chayapuram with his relatives – Govindu, Vannuru Swamy, Nagaraju, Parameshwarappa and Venkatesh. They convinced Gopal and Mangamma to come out and took them out on Tuesday evening with a promise to perform their marriage. On their way back, the accused tied the couple at Nakkandadoddi, tortured them and later hit them with boulders. To keep their crime a secret, they flung the bodies near the railway tracks and fled the scene.

Sukhbir & Karandeep Kaur

Name of the couple    : Sukhbir & Karandeep kaur.

Profile of the victims        : Sukhbir, age – 20, was a resident of Rajgarh village in Jind district, Haryana. Karandeep kaur was a resident of peepaltha village in Fatehabad. They both belonged to the different castes.

The accused                      : Karandeep kaur’s  brother, Jagjit Singh, and his accomplice

Place of Murder                : Tohana town (around 20 km from Fatehabad)

Date of Murder                 : 28th November 2010.

Assasination                      : “Sukhbir married Karandeep Kaur of Peepaltha village (in Fatehabad district) in May against the wishes of her family members, who opposed the alliance because of the caste difference. So “Jagjit Singh and his accomplice waylaid Sukhbir near Tohana town (around 20 km from here), while he was going to Hisar. They hit his bike with their car and opened fire at him. It is a clear case of honour killing,” said Suresh Kaushik, deputy superintendent of police, Fatehabad, here. Police arrested both the accused late on Saturday evening.


Name of the victim     : Ravita, age – 16 years

The accused names          : Her father – Subey singh, Brother – Sheru, and nephew – Kodal.

Name of the place            : Bhagpat district, UP

Date of the Murder          : 3 Jan 2011.

Assasination                      : Her father killed her suspecting that she has relation with a boy of other caste for which he killed her daughter with the help of his son sheru and his nephew – Kodal.


Name of the victim    : Padma

Proffile of the victims        : The 16-year-old girl, Padma, recently completed her SSC was the daughter of D Malliah, an agriculturalist, in Vatvarlapally village in Hyderabad.

Murdered person             : Padma

The accused                       : Mallaiah and his wife Tirupatamma

Place of Murder                : Vatvarlapally village on the Hyderabad-Srisailam road

Date of Murder                 : 10 August 2011.

Assasination                      : According to police, Mallaiah suspected that the girl fell in love with a boy  who does not belong to their caste. So Mallaiah and his wife Tirupatamma forced the girl to consume pesticide in the house. She died within minutes after consuming the pesticide. Villagers informed the matter to the girl’s relatives who in turn called the police on Tuesday morning.


Name of the victim    : Usha

Profile of the victims        : Usha -19, was a resident of Gohana district Haryana.

Murdered person             : Usha

The accused                       : her elder brother Ravi

Place of Murder                : Gohana district Haryana.

Date of Murder                 : 30th march 2010


Assassination                      : Usha was in love with a boy of another caste in the same village which was unacceptable to her family who come to a big family of the village. One day Usha eloped with her boy friend so her brother Ravi decide to save his family’s honor by killing her when she returned to her home on the assurance of marry with her boyfriend Ravi strangulated her with a rope in her bedroom.

Rinku & Monica

Name of the couple    : Rinku & Monica

Profile of the victim        : Rinku, age – 19 and Monica, age – 18, were the residents of Bhiwani district Haryana. They both belonged to the same gotra of a Jat community.

The accused                      : Girl’s parents, brothers, uncle and aunt.

Place of Murder                : Bhiwani, Haryana.

Date of Murder                 : 20th june 2010.

Assasination                      : According to police, both belonged to the same gotra, Jat families. They were in love for many months and were planning to marry. The girl’s family members who were against their affair are suspected to have tortured and killed the couples. There were injury marks on the bodies of the deceased. Police registered the case of murder against six people including the girl’s parents, brothers, uncle and aunt. Seven people who were the main accused in this case have been detained by the police, in Delhi.


Name of the victim    : Shazia

Profile of the victims        : Shazia – 23, was the daughter of Noorjehan a resident of Barikot in Swat district had entered into a love marriage with Saeed of Bairoch village six months ago.

Murdered person             : Shazia

The accused                       : Shazia husband Mohammad Saeed and other 14 person.

Place of Murder                : Bairoch village

Date of Murder                 : 26 June 2011

Assasination                      : A resident of the area, who requested anonymity, said that Shazia, 23, had received injuries in some domestic dispute following which she had left her husband`s home and started living with her mother, Noor Jehan. Sources said that Saeed had been required to police in the murder of his brother. It was learnt that sometime back Saeed had killed his own brother on suspicion of having illicit relations with Shazia.

Amarpreet Singh and Gurleen Kaur

Name of the couple   : Amarpreet Singh and Gurleen Kaur

Profile of the victims        : Amarpreet was the son of a widow Kuljit, and lived at Bahmniwala village patti

Murdered person              : Gurleen Kaur and her mother in law Kuljeet.

The accused                       : Gurleen’s father Joginder Singh (55), her brother Guriqbal Singh (16), Pritam Singh, Mohinder Singh, uncles, and cousins Hardev Singh and Lal Singh, and another relative Sarvan Singh

Place of Murder                : Tarn Taran district Punjab.

Date of Murder                 : 12th May 2010.

Assassination                    : Angry over the marriage of Gurleen Kaur and 23-year-old Amarpreet Singh against their wishes, relatives of the girl attacked the couple’s house at Brahmiwal village in Tarn Taran district. In a fit of rage, they opened fire, killing the girl and her mother-in-law and seriously injuring the boy.

While, the girl and mother-in-law Kuljit Kaur (50) died on the spot the groom, who tried to take on the attackers, ran away with serious gunshot injuries.

Narrating chain of events, Amarpreet said armed with a double-barrel gun, swords and sickles, Joginder Singh and seven other relatives of Gurleen barged into their Bahmniwala based residence around 1 am and attacked them while the family members were asleep.

Prince Gupta & Sunita

Name of the couple     : Prince Gupta & Sunita

Murdered person            : Prince Gupta, age – 22 years

The accused names         : her father – Sansar singh, and brother – Mohit kumar.

Name of the place            : Village – Ismaeelpur, District – Bijnore.

Date of the Murder         : 15 Jan 2011.

Assasination                    : Prince Gupta was allegedly beaten to death in Ismaeelpur village in Bijnore district by relatives of his girlfriend, Sunita, who were opposed to their relationship.The body of the victim was recovered by the police from the house of the accused.
A case has been registered against four members of the girl”s family, including her father Sansar Singh and brother Mohit Kumar.

Tony & Anju

Name of the couple    : Tony & Anju

Profile of the victims        : They both belonged to difeerent religions and different caste of group and were the residents of a same village in Bathinda, Punjab.

Murdered person              : Tony & Anju

The accused                       : her brother and sister-in-law

Place of Murder                : Bathinda Punjab.

Date of Murder                 : 9th Jan 2011

Assassination                     : The deceased, both, were in their early twenties. Anju and Tony had eloped from their homes around 10 months back as their parents were against their relations. They had returned to Anju’s house and then Anju’s brother, in connivance with his wife, killed the couple with an axe, while they were sleeping. Later they threw the bodies on the railway track a police official said.

Harjinder Singh & Lovepreet Kaur

Name of the couple    : Harjinder singh & Lovepreet Kaur

Profile of the victims        : Harjinder – 22, was a student of Industrial Training Institute (ITI). He belonged to a dalit community however Lovepreet -17, belonged to a jat sikh community. both were the residents of Chandarpur village Punjab. They both were in love for many months.

Murdered person             : Harjinder singh & Lovepreet Kaur.

The accused                       : Lovepreet’s father Jagtar singh

Place of Murder                : Lovepreet’s house in Chandarpur village Punjab

Date of Murder                 : 20August 2010.

Assassination                      : Lovepreet belonged to a Jat Sikh family whereas Harjinder was a Dalit, they both were in love with each other which was untolerable to Lovepreet’s father. One day Harjinder went to Lovepreet’s house to meet her, Jagtar found the couple in an objectionable position and could not control his anger. He fired at both of them. On hearing the gunshots, Harjinder’s brother, who was waiting outside, came to intervene. He also sustained a bullet injury in the thigh Partap Singh, a police officer, told.

Sandeep & Karamdeep

Name of the couple    : Sandeep & Karamdeep

Profile of the victims        : Sandeep-21,was the resident of Choladha village Kapurthala. he  had left studies after Class 12 as he got a job in Punjab Police while Karamdeep was the resident of Lakh Waryan village Kapurthala and pursuing her graduation. Sandeep was also a promising kabaddi player and was supposed to go to Malaysia Feb 14 to take part in a tournament. He was preparing for the tournament when he was kidnapped.

Murdered person              : Sandeep

The accused                       : his lover’s father Balwinder Singh

Place of Murder                : Kapurthala

Date of Murder                 : 7 Feb 2011.

Assassination                     : Sandeep and Karamdeep were in love since their school days, The deceased, Sandeep Singh, was from the Balmiki community and was a resident of Choladha village here. He was in love with Karamdeep Kaur, a Jat girl from the Lakh Waryan village. Balwinder was against their relationship as Sandeep belonged to a lower caste, The accused had kidnapped Sandeep on Feb 7. He had thrown his body into Beas river after murdering him. police said.


Name of the couple   : P Joshua and Kalaivani

Profile of the victims        : P Joshua was an employee in a private firm of Ambattur. He belonged to a dalit family while Kalaivani was an undergraduate student was the daughter of Ezhumalai, a real estate Businessman. She belonged to an upper caste family.

Murdered person              : Kalaivani

The accused                       : Her father Ezhumalai.

Marriage date                   : 18th Jan 2011

Place of Murder                : Red hills police station Chennai.

Date of Murder                 : 25th Jan 2011.

Assassination                     : Kalaivani, an undergraduate student, fled home on January 21 to get married to Joshua in a city church. She had met Joshua, an employee of a private firm in Ambattur, some 18 months ago through a common friend. Fearing opposition, she did not disclose her relationship to her family and registered her marriage at the sub-registrar’s office in Egmore last week. Following a complaint by Joshua and Kalaivani that they feared for their lives as her family was against their marriage, Red Hills police inspector K Kumaran called Ezhumalai for talks. “Ezhumalai, a real estate businessman, came to the station dressed in a pair of trousers and shirt. As soon as he entered, he walked towards Kalaivani, pulled out a knife from his pocket and slit her throat,” Police said.

Rajesh and Rajni

Name of the couple   : Rajesh and Rajni

Profile of the victims        : They both belonged to the different castes. Rajni was the daughter of a former Ex- councellor. They both were the residents of Jagraon in Ludhiana.

Murdered person              : Rajesh and Rajni

The accused                       : Rajni’s father Ex-councilor of Jagraon Ravinder.

Marriage dat                     : 13th Jan 2010

Place of Murder                : Jagraon Ludhiana.

Date of Murder                 : 15 Jan 2010.


Assassination                     : Rajesh’s brother, Rakesh Kumar, had stated in his complaint that on January 14, 2005, Sabharwal came to their house while following his daughter and fired three shots at Rajni and two at Rajesh. Rajni died on the spot whereas Rakesh succumbed to his injuries at a hospital. Police had arrested Sabharwal and recovered .32 bore revolver along with three cartridges.

Suman & Shakuntala

Name of the victims   : Suman & Shakuntala.

Profile of the victims        : Suman, 35, the mother of an eight-year-old girl, and Shakuntala, 40, the mother of a 15-year-old boy. They both were the residents of Ranila village in Bhiwani district Haryana.

Murdered person              : Suman & Shakuntala.

The accused                       : Shakuntala’s nephew Naresh, 23, and his cousin Subhash, 22.

Place of Murder                : Ranila village in Bhiwani district Haryana.

Date of Murder                 : 19th April 2011.

Assassination                     : The horrific crime was committed in front of at least 200 villagers, including dozens of women, but nobody came to the two women’s rescue. They were beaten up badly with sticks by Shakuntala’s nephew Naresh, 23, and his cousin Subhash. The accused were suspicious about the women’ character and had also threatened the villagers of dire consequences if anyone dared to save them.

The two men surrendered before police and confessed their crime, “We have killed them as they were spoiling the image of our family and bringing a bad name to our community. It was necessary to save the honour of our family,” Naresh told police.