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Tasleem Solangi

Tasleem Solangi, 17, Pakistan.

Tasleem Solangi was 17 when she was killed. The reasons behind her murder and what actually happened to her are murky. It seems that she had been put in a dangerous position between two warring sides of her family in Pakistan. Being married to her first cousin (possibly to smooth family relations) she was vulnerable to her uncle Zamir Solangi, who had been pressurising her father into handing over his small farm.

Tasleem was murdered by her husband on the pretext of Karo-Kari, that her honour had been compromised by an affair with a wealthy man in their village. This story has been charged with being a fabrication however, invented by the local tribal council to mask their involvement in the land grab perpetuated by her uncle.

In the 5 months of marriage leading up to her death, Tasleem was beaten repeatedly by her husband. Though unconfirmed (the court related that articles which could verify this information had been misplaced), it was reported that in March 2008 Tasleem was forced to abort the baby she was carrying and was released to dogs who mauled her, while her father, imprisoned in a room nearby was forced to watch. When she collapsed exhausted, she was shot by her husband with a pistol.

After her death, her husband and four others who collaborated in her murder were imprisoned. Meanwhile, her uncle and another conspirator fled. When police arrived to find them missing, they demolished the houses of the accused (despite the women members of their families still living there) as ‘punishment’ instead.